President Trump Just Explained to Detractors Why the Wall is a Must

After visiting California to review prototypes of the proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico, President Trump reiterated his calls for Congress to take the necessary actions to fund the wall.

“We’re going out to the wall,” President Trump told reporters before departing from the White House, adding,”We’re going to be looking at the prototypes, which is very important for our country.”

“I want to, again, call on Congress to deliver a budget that protects our homeland and properly funds all of our law enforcement needs,” said President Trump, who flew to San Diego, California, on Tuesday to look at prototypes.

The president spoke to the press, during which he explained that the border wall would essentially pay for itself by eliminating crime from illegal aliens, as well as welfare abuse.

“The wall will save hundreds of billions of dollars, many, many times what it’s going to cost,” said President Trump.