President Trump “Iran is Failing at Every Level” Despite the Terrible Obama Deal

In a morning tweet, President Trump is pointing out that despite getting a sweetheart deal from ex-President Obama who showered them with hundreds of millions, Iran is “failing at every level.”

Most notably, the the Iranian people “are hungry for food and freedom.”

President Trump believes the time has come for change.

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As reported by Newsmax

At least 12 people have been reported killed during demonstrations in Iran.

Trump’s administration has placed additional sanctions on the country.

Trump said on Twitter a day earlier that the U.S. will be watching “very closely” for human rights violations during the protests.

The protests marked the biggest display of discontent in Iran since 2009. The demonstrations were sparked by anger over rising food and fuel prices, but have escalated to an outcry against the Iranian government, CNNreports.

President Hassan Rouhani, seeking to calm the unrest, on Sunday defended the Iranian people’s right to protest while urging them to work with his administration to address what he said were justified grievances about the economy.

Those comments came after Rouhani’s government restricted access to social media, which has become an important source of information about the protests.