President Trump Honors Veterans by Proclaiming Dec. 7th “Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day”

On Thursday, December 7th, 2017, President Trump proclaimed the 7th of December to be known as “National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day,” a high honor for the heroes of that day, which the president said, “will live in infamy.”

With Pearl Harbor veterans standing with him, the Trump signed his presidential proclamation, saying, “All American hearts are filled with gratitude for their service, their sacrifice and their presence here today.”

In a series of tweets, President Trump asked the country to remember the events of Pearl Harbor, “and the brave warriors who, on that day, stood tall and fought for America,” as the White House flag flew half way lowered in respect.

The attack, which drew the United States into World War II, has never been forgotten, and now, President Trump has made sure the heroes who gave their all during the battle will be remembered throughout our nation’s history.

The president met with veterans of the Pearl Harbor attack, which he called “an incredible honor,” and said that “All American hearts are filed with gratitude” for their service and sacrifice.

One veteran, 98-year-old Mickey Ganitch, sang “Remember Pearl Harbor,” which Trump said was “very good.”

With President Trump’s first year in the White House coming to a close, it’s clear that he’s sticking to his “America First” agenda, and keeping his promises to honor our veterans.