President Trump is Helping Farmers Get Access to Faster Internet

For years, America’s farming community, the very backbone of our country, has felt abandoned and neglected by Washington and the rest of the country.

Farmers and others in rural America have, in many cases, struggled with getting high-speed internet access, and this lack of availability of a valuable form of technology is hurting our farmers on many levels.

Without access to the fastest, most up-to-date internet, life is much harder on the farming community in America, and their businesses suffer, hurting the rest of the country too.

However, the Trump administration is committed to helping rural Americans get fast, reliable internet access, and as Vice President Mike Pence said, it’s something that “will help all of America compete on a level playing field.”

Several politicians from the midwest agreed, and the responses on social media were overwhelmingly positive.

Unlike previous administrations, President Trump values and respects the hardworking American farmers who help keep our country fed, and under his “America First” leadership, he’s making sure that they no longer feel forgotten.