President Trump Gives Update on Puerto Rico Along with a Warning

After Puerto Rico was hit by the devastating Hurricane Maria, President Trump quickly dispatched FEMA and the military to help, and relief efforts have been underway ever since.

Early Thursday morning, the president used Twitter to give an advanced warning to Puerto Rico, letting them know that the U.S. could not keep FEMA, the military, and other responders there indefinitely.

Trump praised 10,000+ FEMA, military, and other first responders for their hard work, and let the Puerto Rican people know that he has asked Congress to approve a $4.9 billion loan to help with relief efforts.

The president also mentioned the fact that many of the infrastructure problems Puerto Rico is facing now have been in existence long before the storm, as the U.S. territory recently declared bankruptcy in May, after facing over $70 billion in debt.

The warning from President Trump should give the Puerto Rican government enough time to regroup and coordinate on not just helping victims of the storm, but fixing the pre-existing problems that plagued the U.S. territory before Hurricane Maria.