President Trump Gives Powerful, Uplifting Speech on Tax Cuts in Ohio

On Monday, following his Super Bowl party, President Trump visited Ohio, where one manufacturer recently gave their employees a large bonus, due to the president’s recent tax overhaul.

“I love the state of Ohio,” said President Trump, who said he’s bringing back the “four magnificent words – made in the USA,” and told the crowd that,”hard working, patriotic Americans like you are what makes this country run.”

The president also stressed the importance of easing the burden on the American family, and promised that he and his administration are focused on doing just that, saying, “At the heart of our plan is tremendous relief for families and small businesses.”

President Trump promoted his recent overhaul of the tax system, cheering with the crowd over the fact that his tax reform has already made a tremendous impact on the economy.

“America is once again OPEN FOR BUSINESS,” said Trump, enthusiastically, and pointed out that wages are rising, “After years of wage stagnation.”

President Trump made sure to praise the “hard-working, patriotic Americans” gathered in Ohio, saying that they “make this country run, and run like no other.”

President Trump also threw in a sports reference, saying, “We’re one team, one people, and one family –and we’re saluting one, great American flag.”