President Trump is Exposing Democrats as Nothing More than Petty Obstructionists

Yesterday, President Trump attempted to meet with Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, during a bi-partisan meeting he scheduled at the White House.

Despite the President’s continued efforts to reach out to Democrats, both Schumer and Pelosi backed out of the meeting at the last minute, further highlighting the left’s general refusal to work with Trump, regardless of how that hurts America.

President Trump, however, used the opportunity to show the rest of the country just how unwilling Democrats are to work with him, and Americans are taking notice.

President Trump tweeted before the meeting, and pointed out that his positions on illegal immigration, crime, and taxes were in opposition with Democrats, and the likelihood of a deal didn’t look good.

Rather than using Trump’s statement as a way to find middle ground on these issues, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, who have become the de facto leaders of the Democratic Party lately, chose instead to refuse to cooperate.

Never one to be stood up, the president left Pelosi and Schumer’s name tags prominently visible in the two empty seats, right beside him, letting the rest of the country see that Democrats are still unwilling to work with the Trump administration.

“They’ve been all talk and no action, and now it’s even worse, now it’s not even talk,” said President Trump, who also added that he “wasn’t surprised” that Democrats balked at the meeting.

Other GOP lawmakers accused the left of continuing to find “new excuses not to meet with the administration.”

Nancy Pelosi further proved that Democrats remain completely opposed to working with President Trump, when she made a rambling statement, in which she accused Trump of “verbal abuse,” and tried to spin the incident in her favor.

The problem for Pelosi and other Democrats, however, is that the American people see right through them, and are quickly getting fed up with the obstruction from liberals.

For the last ten months, the left has remained steadfast in their refusal to work with President Trump and his administration, and the rest of the country is well aware of what’s going on.

As Democrats continue to put their own bitter agenda to obstruct solely on being Presidential election sore losers, they can expect President Trump to keep using their childish behavior against them.