President Trump Explains How Democrats are Holding our Military Hostage

After spending the entirety of President Trump’s groundbreaking first year in office engaged in obsessive obstructionist behavior, the Democrats managed to shut down the government on Friday evening, and in doing so, proved just how little they care about the security of legal Americans.

President Trump did not hold back, and took to social media to shame the Democrats, bluntly saying that the “Democrats wanted to give me a ‘nice’ present” on the one-year anniversary of his presidency.

The president further chided Democrats, rightfully accusing them of “holding our military hostage, over their desire to have unchecked illegal immigration,” and vowed that we “Can’t let that happen!”

“They could have made a deal, but decided to play ‘shutdown politics’ instead,” said Trump, in reference to his multiple attempts to broker a bipartisan deal with Democrats, who refused to cooperate, and placed the needs and wants of illegals over those of U.S. citizens and military members.

Although the Democrats have the audacity to blame the government shutdown on President Trump, the rest of the country is quite aware of who’s responsible, and it’s not the Trump administration.