President Trump Encourages Americans to “Speak Up, Be Heard, and Fight”

On Friday, President Trump visited Pensacola, Florida, where he attended a “Make America Great Again” rally.

“Let me begin by wishing each and every one of you a Merry Christmas,” said President Trump to the roaring crowd.

The president has been outspoken on his feelings about Christmas, and the need to preserve its integrity as a traditional holiday, long before ever announcing his candidacy- a point which strongly resonates with his supporters.

In a tweet, the president shared some of his favorite pictures from the rally, and encouraged Americans to “speak up, be heard, and fight” for the the “America First” agenda.

With corruption in “The Swamp” running deep, President Trump is absolutely right when saying “it’s your voice that matters most.”

President Trump also discussed the American National Anthem, which he said that “every American should stand for.”

Trump’s comments came to the delight of the crowd, that, as of lately, has seen our flag and anthem disrespected gleefully in the NFL, and are outraged.

President Trump made sure to thank the people of Pensacola, and everyone who attended his rally, which he described as a “great eventing” in a tweet on Saturday.

The president described the crowd as “loud, loving, and really smart,” and said that the arena was “packed to the rafters,” which has been a regular thing for Trump’s rallies.