President Trump to Crack Down on Welfare System Abusers

President Trump has been making waves lately with his new tax reform legislation, and things are looking good as it nears its test in the Senate.

As the tax overhaul bill passed its test vote in the Senate earlier on Wednesday, President Trump took to social media to discuss it, as well as other economic plans for the immediate future.

While he discussed his tax reform plan, President Trump brought up the subject of welfare reform, a hot issue for every American, and something that our country has desperately needed to discuss for decades.

For too long, hard working Americans have watched a small portion of lazy welfare abusers drain the system, which allowed the abuse to continue, and now, they’re fed up.

During his campaign, Trump often discussed welfare abuse as well, and vowed to overhaul the system, and his recent comments echo that very sentiment.

The president stated, “The person who is not working at all, and has no intention of working at all, is making more money and doing better” than average working Americans, who are often times forced to work several jobs to make ends meet.

This egregious abuse of our country’s welfare system, which was put in place to help Americans temporarily, is an affront to every single man and woman who wakes up in the morning and works hard, and it’s past time something is done to fix it.


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