President Trump “I consider this very much a bill for the middle class, and for jobs.”

With President Trump’s first year in office coming to a close, his list of accomplishments is impressive, to say the least, and on Friday, he may have achieved his greatest feat yet, as he signed his tax reform bill into law.

The president said that both he and the Republican Party were “very proud” of the bill, stating, “I consider this very much a bill for the middle class, and for jobs.”

Trump also mentioned the fact that many large corporations and businesses have already show positive reactions to the bill, saying, “Corporations are literally going wild over this.”

After the Senate failed to repeal and replace ObamaCare earlier, all eyes were watching as the tax bill passed through Congress, before landing on President Trump’s desk.

Tax reform has been one of the president’s biggest goal’s, and after watching the country suffer through Obama’s disastrous economic policies, Trump was determined to bring relief to the American people.

“It’s going to be a tremendous thing for the American people,” Trump said of the newly passed legislation, adding, “It’s going to be fantastic for the economy,” and also said that the bill would keep American companies from outsourcing jobs to foreign countries.

President Trump also mentioned his desire to work with the Democrats, who have obstructed and undermined him at every turn for the duration of this first year in office.

Since the inauguration, Democrats have proven to be unwilling to work with the Trump administration and Republicans, but as President Trump said, “for the good of the country, I predict we will start working with the Democrats in a bipartisan fashion.”