President Trump Celebrates Historic Dow Jones Benchmark to Start 2018

On Thursday, the Dow Jones industrial average reached yet another historic, never-before-achieved closing number, coming just one week after a similar close.

Since the election of President Trump, and during his first year in the White House, the stock market has seen unprecedented growth, as the American economy continues to thrive under the new administration’s policies.

President Trump and Vice President Pence both mentioned Thursday’s news on social media, which they citied as clear evidence that their pro-business, “America First” agenda is working, and Americans are taking notice.

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“Congrats!” said President Trump, who said that he believed the Dow could reach 30,000 soon, and promised that more “Big cuts in unnecessary regulations” would be coming.

Already, Trump and his administration have made a point to eliminate wasteful and needless government regulations, lifting a massive burdens on American business owners, and stimulating the economy in the process.

Vice President Pence also shared his thoughts on the stock market’s amazing success, saying “It’s clear that President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda is WORKING for the America people.”

The numbers don’t lie, and as Pence pointed out, the Trump administration’s hard work has proven to be effective in job creation, as well as “strengthening the American economy,” which was badly damaged under Obama’s weak leadership.

As we enter the new year, President Trump and his administration are working hard, and the American people are seeing the results.”