President Trump and Melania Pay Respects to First Lady Barbara Bush

On Saturday, President Trump and First Lady Melania paid their respects to former First Lady Barbara Bush, who passed away on Tuesday at the age of 92.

“Today, my thoughts and prayers are with the entire Bush family,” the president said via Twitter, announcing a remembrance display which was located in the White House’s Center Hall, at her portrait.

President Trump announced that he would be watching the funeral service from the White House, as First Lady Melania arrived in Texas to attend in person.

Earlier in the week, President Trump announced that he and Melania had joined the rest of America in celebrating and remembering the life of the former First Lady, issuing a statement praising her character and achievements.

First Lady Melania traveled to Houston to pay respects for the First Family, which she said was “an honor,” and remembered Bush for “the remarkable life she led as a mother, wife, and fearless First Lady,” and gave her “sincerest thoughts and prayers” for the Bush family.

Sharing a picture of the tribute to the former First Lady, Melania praised Bush as “a wonderful woman who lived for God, family, and country.”