POP QUIZ: How Many Mass Murderers Have Been a Member of the NRA?

POP QUIZ –  How many mass murderers have been a member of the NRA?

Rush Limbaugh has the answer.

RUSH: By the way, can I ask you a quick question, a little pop quiz? How many people who have committed mass shootings — who have committed mass murder by way of gun — have been members of the National Rifle Association?

What is your wild guess? (interruption) Absolutely right, Mr. Snerdley: Zip, zero, nada. Not a single murderer not a single perp conducting a mass shooting has been a member of the NRA. And yet what is the knee-jerk, predictable reaction after an event like this? “We need more gun control laws.” The guy already committed any number of illegalities in the process of getting to the church and getting the gun. There isn’t a series of laws. We cannot legislate perfection, and we certainly can’t legislate behavior. But man, oh, man.

The deadliest church shooting in America, in our history, and the left can’t wait to turn it into a political issue — and the same people said it was practically a crime to politicize the New York City shooting.

RUSH: As I just pointed out, there has never been a mass murderer — shooting spree murderer — who was a member of the NRA, whereas there have been plenty of mass murderers who have been members of the religion of peace.

RUSH: Once again this murderous rampage was only stopped by a good guy with a gun. In this case a neighbor hearing the noise from the church and grabbed his gun. The perp saw him and took off in his car. The neighbor and another man chased after him in a high-speed pursuit until the perp lost control and ended up in a ditch, where he apparently shot himself.

There’s also a report that a sharpshooter nailed the guy between — in a very tiny area — a slit or an opening in the body armor that the perp was wearing. Think how long it might have been if that small, remote community had had to wait for the police to arrive because they had taken guns away from everybody. It was the good guy with a gun that brought this to an end.


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