Pompeo – Trump to Deliver “Strategic Change” to North Korea

On Sunday, the newly-appointed Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said in an interview with Fox News that President Trump is looking to take “unprecedented steps” towards long-term peace agreements with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, rather than regime change.

“Our hope is that Kim wants a strategic change, and President Trump is prepared to help,” said Secretary Pompeo, who recently returned from North Korea with three released U.S. hostages, following a meeting with the reclusive dictator.

Secretary Pompeo spoke with Kim Jong-un, telling him that the United States would rather have a North Korea as a “close partner,” rather than an enemy, and called the country’s decision to dismantle its nuclear testing site “a good first step.”

“I think Kim appreciates the fact this is going to have to be different,” said Pompeo, adding, “If we can achieve an historic outcome, both sides have to come to play”

President Trump announced earlier in the week that he would meet with Kim Jong-un for a summit on June 12, in Singapore, where he will seek nuclear disarmament in exchange for economic support, as well as a more friendly relationship with the U.S. and the rest of the world.