POLL: Virginia’s Governor Race a Dead Heat

A Roanoke College poll shows the Virginia race for governor that will be decided this Tuesday is currently in a dead heat.

Most polls showed Democrat Northam leading until he made a series of costly blunders, which ultimately led to his losing the support of one of the Country’s largest PACs whose support he coveted.

Gillespie appears to have momentum.


As reported in the WashingtonExaminer 

A new poll says Virginia candidates for governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat, and Ed Gillespie, a Republican, are tied just days before Virginia voters head to the polls.

The Roanoke College Poll, published Friday and conducted by the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research, has both Northam, the current lieutenant governor, and Gillespie deadlocked at 47 percent.

The races for Virginia’s lieutenant governor and attorney general are also tied.

In the race for lieutenant governor, Democrat Justin Fairfax and Republican Jill Vogel are deadlocked at 45 percent. Meanwhile, Democrat Mark Herring and Republican John Adams, who are running for attorney general, are tied at 46 percent.

The Virginia gubernatorial election is Tuesday.