Pierson – Mueller “Crossed the Line” with Cohen Raid and “The Public Will Not Stand for This”

Moments ago on “Risk and Reward,” Trump 2020 Senior Adviser Katrina Pierson discussed Mueller’s FBI raid of Trump attorney Michael Cohen earlier today.

Katrina Pierson:

We’ve seen a line crossed today I think nobody thought could ever be crossed. Especially when the entire reason Robert Mueller was appointed was for “Russia collusion” and this conspiracy with the Russians and the DNC server hasn’t been investigated, they haven’t even seen it, they won’t even look at it…not to mention the Clinton foundation. James Comey told us himself that 3 FBI field offices wanted the Clinton foundation investigated. We still don’t know where that is today yet we have an innocent man today being raided by the FBI on some crazy notion of a FEC violation. The public will not stand for this.