Obama Admin’s Lavish Gifts from Foreign Countries Revealed

We now know ex-president Obama, whose childhood mentors included radical leftists like Frank Marshall Davis, preaching communist ideals, had no problem having his administration lavished with luxurious gifts from foreign countries.

As reported by FoxNews

Cuban cigars and rum, sculptures decorated in gold, precious gems and even jewelry adorned in diamonds and rubies — all of them among the many lavish gifts the Obama family and administration officials received from foreign governments while President Barack Obama was in office.

In most cases, the Obamas and other officials handed over the gifts to the National Archives.

Federal documents released on Wednesday revealed the gifts during Obama’s final two years in office included more than $2,000 worth of cigars, rum and other famous consumer products from the Cuban government.

Cuba gave the gifts after Obama attempted to ease tensions with the communist regime, a measure that included the easing of the U.S. ban on imported Cuban liquor and tobacco.

The documents released by the State Department’s Protocol Office revealed that Castro gave Obama 205 cigars of an unnamed brand, a humidor and cigar cutter along with the bottle of rum in 2015. The tobacco and liquor were accompanied by a carved wooden bust of Abraham Lincoln.

Obama’s deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, meanwhile, received cigars, jewelry and a music CD — a gift package worth $670.

Government officials are allowed to accept presents from foreign leaders and governments if refusing them would cause embarrassment. But they generally must turn them over to the National Archives if the goods are worth more than a modest amount. Officials also could reimburse the government for their value.

According to the State Department’s documents, Obama and Rhodes turned over the cigars and rum to the Secret Service and the Archives.

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