We Now Know Who Is Behind the OTHER “Trump Dossier”

It turns out the person behind the “other” Trump dossier that has made waves recently in the news is the same maestro as the original dossier.

It should be surprising to almost no-one Hillary Clinton was behind both.

As reported by ConservativeReview 

A Clinton family operative succeeded in getting federal agents to review his own “Trump-Russia” dossier, which implicates the president on a number of unproven charges.

The Guardian reported Tuesday that Cody Shearer provided a second dossier to the FBI in October2016 and that it was shared with multiple media outlets prior to the election. The FBI is currently assessing the Shearer dossier, according to the report. This revelation came as a shock to even Vox.com, which admitted that Shearer has no real “experience in intelligence.”

In its report, The Guardian attempts to disconnect Shearer from Hillary Clinton, labeling him a “journalist” and claiming that “there is no evidence that the Clinton campaign was aware of the Shearer memo.”

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But plenty of open-source evidence exists to substantiate that Clinton and Shearer are very closely connected.

For years, Shearer acted as something resembling an unaccountable private intelligence operative for Clinton while she was serving as secretary of state. Working in tandem with Clinton hatchet manSidney Blumenthal, Shearer met with Libyan nationals to gather evidence on the latest happenings inside the country, emails leaked to WikiLeaks reveal.

Hillary Clinton has directly referenced “Cody” before. In a March 2011 email to Blumenthal, Clinton congratulated Shearer for his efforts on the Libya front. “Good for Cody! I’ll follow up,” the former secretary of state wrote from her private email address.

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