Notorious MS-13 Leader is Complaining About His Jail Restrictions

As reported by Newsday

The New Jersey man whom prosecutors identified as the East Coast leader for the notoriously violent MS-13 gang portrayed himself as a devoted father in a recent plea to a Nassau judge, saying he was suffering in lockdown at the county’s jail.

Miguel Angel Corea Diaz, 35, spoke while handcuffed and guarded by court officers as he begged acting State Supreme Court Justice Patricia Harrington to intervene to improve the conditions of his local imprisonment.

“Discrimination. I’m suffering in this county. They call me ‘El Chapo.’ Die, scary guy,” Corea Diaz said on July 31 in Nassau County Court, referencing the accused Mexican drug kingpin who Brooklyn prosecutors say smuggled 20 tons of cocaine into the United States and is awaiting trial.

Corea Diaz also told the judge in court he has received “a lot of death threats,” but they weren’t coming from inside Nassau’s jail.

Prosecutors have accused Corea Diaz of carrying out major drug trafficking and conspiring on Long Island to commit murder. At his April arraignment, he pleaded not guilty to three counts of operating as a major drug trafficker and five counts of second-degree conspiracy.

He was one of 17 suspects named in a January indictment that authorities said delivered a heavy blow to MS-13’s infrastructure after a probe that included a $1 million heroin seizure and the foiling of murder plots involving a Long Island clique of the gang.

MS-13 gang members have killed at least 25 people in Nassau and Suffolk counties since 2016, authorities have said. President Donald Trump, who has blamed gang violence and other crime on illegal immigration, came to Brentwood in July last year and described some Long Island neighborhoods as a “bloodstained killing fields” that are “under siege” and need to be liberated from MS-13.