NFL TV Partners Set To Lose Up To Half a Billion Dollars On Ratings Decline

According to a report from Outkick the coverage, Roger Goodell’s decision to side with radical leftist players who want to pull anti-American stunts during the national anthem will cost its TV partners up to half a billion dollars.

Across the nation, NFL fans insulted by the leftist political messaging have boycotted watching and left stadiums with record numbers of empty seats.

As reported by Outkick 

As Roger Goodell, Jerry Jones, and the NFL engage in an ugly internal fight over the future leadership of the NFL, TV partners at CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC are staring at their own internal conflicts — namely a substantial decline in NFL ratings that is on pace to cost the four networks up to $500 million in lost revenue.

Already several hundred million in lost revenue has been booked in 2017 and it has the league’s top executives and television partners scrambling to figure out what went wrong. How did a league that was setting ratings records in 2015 suddenly see its audience fall by nearly 20% just two years later.

While much of the attention has focused on the protests, according to ongoing conversations with several people close to the league and its television partners over the past couple of months, the ratings decline that will cost the TV partners up to $500 million can actually be attributed to four primary factors.

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