NFL Legend Tells NFL Protesters “Stop Complaining and Whining”

NFL legend Burgess Owens has made no secret of his disdain for the new “crop” of NFL players, whose focus seems to be more on protesting and activism rather than playing football.

In a discussion with Fox News, Owens talked about the difference between the attitude held by football players when he was active, as opposed to now.

To veteran players like Owens, the NFL must seem unrecognizable, especially when seeing players like Colin Kaepernick spreading division and racial tension, and even worse, being paid tens of millions of dollars each year to do so.

When compared to the heroes of the NFL’s “glory days,” who had to work “regular” jobs in the off seasons, “anthem kneelers” and other social justice warriors don’t compare, but are being paid gross sums of money.

The NFL should pay attention to veteran players and legends like Burgess Owens, because overwhelmingly, they’re all united on the issue of kneeling and protesting during the national anthem.

Until the NFL does something about the disrespectful protests, they can expect to continue seeing fans abandon ship and profits drop.