Newt: Deep State Shenanigans Surfacing Only Because Trump WON

Recently, some extremely disturbing information came to light, regarding the once-respected FBI, and their descent into shame under Barack Obama’s leadership.

Once upon a time the FBI was synonymous with the image of virtue, purity, and a dedication to upholding the law, but now, after new information has surfaced, it appears that the FBI has devolved into little more than another group of deep state “yes men.”

Now, we’re learning that Robert Mueller, the former Director of the FBI, as well as a Deep State sycophant, stacked his “Special Counsel” investigation team with at least two anti-Trump FBI employees.

After FBI agent Peter Strzok, who previously worked to clear Huma, Cheryl Mills, and Hillary Clinton during her email scandal and took part in the questioning of General Flynn, was caught sending anti-Trump text messages, Republicans and patriotic Americans are furious, and demanding answers.

The agent, who was caught in an affair with another member of the team, who was also openly anti-Trump, was fired from Mueller’s team, but the fact that he stayed on for so long is disturbing and telling.

Now, Newt Gingrich is coming out swinging, and he’s making sure the FBI is getting called out publicly for their shameful and disgraceful behavior, as well as praising President Trump.

As Gingrich points out, had Hillary Clinton won the election, the American people would have remained in the dark as to the blatant and sickening corruption in the FBI, but thankfully, under President Trump, we have a fighting chance to clear the swamp.