New Numbers Show the Trump Economy Keeps Getting Better

As President Trump begins his 12-day trip to Asia, during which he will visit 5 different nations, he pointed to low unemployment numbers, new jobs, and a flourishing stock market as a testament to his success.

Tweeting from Hawaii, the president mentioned that unemployment is down to 4.1%, and pointed to the 1.5 million new jobs that have been created during his first year in office.

This comes as the Labor Department announced on Friday that 261,000 jobs had been added to the U.S. economy in just October.

The Labor Department also revealed that unemployment is down as well, with the rate of unemployed Americans dropping to 4.1%, the lowest it’s been in almost 17 years.

President Trump also mentioned the U.S. stock market, which has experienced record highs during his first year, something he’s mentioned recently.

“Our stock market just hit another record high. It’s the highest it’s ever been in history, by far. We’ve created about $5.4 trillion only in stock market value, and we’re very happy about it,” said the president.