Netanyahu Praises Trump Ahead of Embassy Move, Says He’s “Making History”

Last year, President Trump officially recognized the city of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city, and announced that the U.S. embassy would be moved there from the city of Tel Aviv.

On Monday, the move will officially take place, and earlier in the week, the president took to Twitter, calling the event “big” and wishing “Congratulations to all!”

President Trump’s daughter Ivanka joined the U.S. delegation to Israel, which arrived in Jerusalem on Sunday, along with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Ahead of the move, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a video praising the president for his “bold decision,” and said he is “making history.”

Trump’s move to follow through with a promise that several previous U.S. leaders failed to keep has strengthened America’s bond with an ally that was alienated by his predecessor, and further proved his success as a world leader.