NBC Backpedaling from Claim They Had No Prior Knowledge of Lauer’s Behavior

Earlier in the week, NBC fired long-time host Matt Lauer, after horrific accusations of sexual abuse, including allegations of a brutal rape, emerged.

After one NBC employee came forward with proof of Lauer’s sexual harassment, several other women came forward, and their stories were truly jaw-dropping.

Reports of incidents in which the disgraced NBC host allegedly exposed himself to female employees, making unprofessional and inappropriate comments, showing “revealing” pictures, and giving sex toys as gifts to female coworkers.

Things got even worse for Lauer, when another woman came forward with an accusation that he lured her into his office, locked the door with a hidden “remote lock button” under his desk, and allegedly raped her until she passed out, and later needed to be taken to the hospital.

NBC is facing new scrutiny and accusations of shielding Lauer from his heinous behavior.