Mueller’s Witch Hunt is Costing American Taxpayers a Fortune

Robert Mueller’s bloated team of Clinton donors, Anti-Trump attorneys, and exposed Anti-Trump FBI Agents is costing American taxpayers a fortune.

This, after the revelations that the FBI relied heavily on a discredited Dossier funded by the DNC and Clinton campaign.

When will a new special counsel be assigned to investigate the investigators?

As reported in Breitbart

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether there was any collusion with the Trump campaign has cost taxpayers more than $5 million, according to a report.

The expenses, since the special counsel was appointed in May, include money for a staff of more than 16 attorneys, dozens of FBI agents, support staff, travel,and office supplies, according to ABC News’s Pierre Thomas.

A detailed breakdown of the costs is expected to be released by the Justice Department in coming days.

That does not include taxpayer costs incurred by congressional committee investigations by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate intelligence committee, and the House intelligence committee.

So far, there have been indictments against three Trump campaign officials and one Trump transition official, and none of the charges have to do with collusion or conspiracy to collude.

Mueller in October charged Paul Manafort and his business partner Rick Gates of lobbying and tax-related crimes, to which they have plead not guilty. He also charged former foreign policy campaign adviser George Papadopoulos with lying to the FBI, to which he pled guilty.

On Friday, Mueller charged former National Security Adviser Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn of lying to the FBI, to which he pled guilty, as part of a plea bargain whereby he would cooperate with the special counsel.