MSNBC Guest Calls for Locking Up Republicans He Calls “Pro-Pedophilia” and “Terrorists”

As we approach the end of President Trump’s first year in office, one thing that remains clear to all Americans, is that liberals have never been more desperate and shaken than they are now.

The left is badly fractured, unable to come together, and the only common bond they seem to share is their undying hatred for our “America First” president.

Many anti-Trump liberals are unable to cope with the fact that Donald Trump IS the President, and require a daily dose of “safe space” programming, courtesy of the mainstream media, programs like “The View” and “AM Joy” provide them with just that.

Joy Reid, MSNBC host of “AM Joy,” has essentially dedicated her career to attacking President Trump, and frequently stocks her panels with other anti-Trump guests, however, a re-occurring visitor managed to steal the show recently.

Fernand Amandi, long-time “AM Joy” guest, was overcome with emotion on a recent episode, and in his triggered rage, made some wild and outlandish accusations against Republicans.

The infuriated liberal called the Republicans “pro-pedophilia,” and accused the entire Republican Party of being “domestic terrorists,” rhetoric usually reserved for the most unhinged of leftists.

Amandi accused the Republican Party of “doing nothing to help the American people,”  saying, “This is not a political party, this is a domestic terror group,” and said we should consider “locking them up.”

These comments are a perfect example of why the left is unable to gain ground with the American people, who have largely come to view them as whiny, petty, and willing to hurt the country out of spite.