Morning Joe Busted Trying to Pass off a Taped Post-Thanksgiving Show as Live

Frequent Trump critics Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough were caught red handed trying to fake a live show.

It’s a bit ironic that the duo who often makes the claim that President Trump is dishonest got caught pulling such a dishonest stunt.

From DailyMail

Morning Joe hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have come under fire for pretending that their day-after-Thanksgiving show on Friday was live.

Brzezinski opened the MSNBC show by welcoming viewers with an enthusiastic declaration of: ‘The day after Thanksgiving, woo! I’m stuffed!’

Joe muttered under his breath: ‘Yeah, that was a great Thanksgiving.’

Later, the engaged pair joked about her ‘still frozen’ Turkey and stifled laughter as Scarborough remarked on ‘last night’s football’.

Viewers have now expressed outrage after learning that the show was in fact recorded on Wednesday.

It was revealed when a long-time viewer noticed none of the biggest news stories of the day – namely the atrocious ISIS attack at an Egypt mosque which killed 305 innocent people as they prayed at noon local time – had been mentioned.

The news ticker which runs beneath them throughout the broadcast made reference to the attack but none of the hosts commented on it.

Instead, they discussed Donald Trump’s failures in the White House.

A show executive then confirmed that, as suspected, the show was not recorded on Friday.

They failed to see the problem, telling The Washington Post, which revealed the discrepancy,: ‘There was no intention to trick viewers.

‘Would it have helped if there was a disclaimer? Maybe. But that’s not typically done,’ they said.

Critics were not so quick to dismiss it.

The viewer who raised suspicion initially said it was a surprising decision by the show given its commitment to debunking other deceptions and mistruths.

‘I was quite flabbergasted by the way they were so deceptive about this…especially when they are always so quick to castigate lying [or] deception they attribute to others,’ they said in their complaint to the Post.

Others joined them in their disapproval.

‘If you weren’t trying to deceive their viewers why did they need to pretend it was Friday and thanksgiving had already passed?’ said one.

‘This show is so stupid. Why fake what day you record your show?’ one Twitter user quipped.

‘Not cool Morning Joe. I trust you but now I’m doubting myself,’ said another who added the hashtag ‘disappointed’.

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