Michelle Malkin Exposes the Growing Epidemic of Churches Harboring Illegals

In a fiery rant for CRTV, conservative commentator Michelle Malkin exposes the truth about  churches and religious organizations that are not respecting the law and harboring illegals.

The number of cases are growing each day.

From MichelleMalkin.com

In Colorado, five illegal aliens have taken sanctuary in houses of worship in the outlaw safe spaces of Mancos, Denver, Carbondale and Boulder — more than any other state. Each had multiple bites at the legal apple that stretched out for years. Our immigration courts heard their cases, rejected their appeals, turned down the appeals of their appeals and ordered them to leave. Religious groups have provided lawyers and media relations consultants every step of the way.

In Washington state, the Jesuit-affiliated St. Joseph Catholic Church of Seattle blasted President Trump’s “destructive and brutal” immigration enforcement and declared “our unwavering solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the immigrant community.” All deportations violate “Catholic Social Teaching” and “the common good,” the parish asserted.

In Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the Fourth Universalist Society of New York is harboring a mother and her family who’ve lived here illegally for more than a dozen years and feel entitled to flout their deportation orders.

Malkin argues that these outlaw organizations providing sanctuary to illegals are doing a disservice to our Country.

Scripture teaches citizens to honor the rule of law and secular authorities who preserve and defend civil order and safety.