Michelle Malkin Calls Out Liberal Hypocrisy in Fierce Rant

In recent weeks, both Hollywood and Washington D.C. have been rocked by numerous accusations of sexual harassment, abuse, and misconduct, coming from some well known, high-profile names.

After Democrats used accusations of sexual harassment against several prominent conservative pundits and politicians, the left is being forced to own up to their own long history of horrible behavior, including Bill Clinton.

As Michelle Malkin pointed out, liberals who are outraged that conservatives are calling out Bill Clinton for his highly-publicized sexual escapades during his time as president, should think twice, because when Clinton was initially shielded from his bad behavior, precedent was sent.

In fact, the “special treatment” given to Bill Clinton, who had a history of accusations of rape against him, essentially acted to serve a message of sorts to the Harvey Weinsteins, Anthony Weiners, and Al Frankens.

“So much of the mess we’re in now is a result and legacy of the Clinton victim smear machine,” said Malkin, adding, “These two are the god parents of victim shaming smear tactics.”

“Now we’ve got this case where all these liberal media journalists are tying themselves in knots to reconcile their own roles and culpability in enabling the Clinton smears against all his victims and accusers,” said Malkin.

“Rules for radicals 2017 always stated, ‘believe all women, except when they’re accusing liberal Democratic men, and liberal Hollywood weirdos,'” Malkin said, describing her treatment by Democrats and the liberal media as making her feel “less than human.”