Melania Helping Transform the White House into a Winter Wonderland

It’s no secret that President Trump loves Christmas, and after vowing to “Make Christmas Great Again,” it’s clear that he’s doing just that.

The President isn’t the only one in the Trump family who loves the Christmas season, and First Lady Melania and Barron are going all out decorating the White House this year.

As First Lady, Melania makes certain to spend as much of her time helping our nation’s youth as she can spare, and recently met with some young visitors who came to help decorate.

In fact, Melania had a blast, and the kids tossed ornaments back and forth with the First Lady.

The First Family’s 2017 Christmas card was on display in the East Wing, a proud moment for them, as the end of their first year in the White House draws near.

This year, the White House decorations are a big hit with visitors, who can enjoy seeing a miniature “White House” made out of gingerbread.

The White House looks like a true winter wonderland, and guest from all over the country are coming to see the decorations and trees.

Obviously, First Lady Melania seems to enjoy Christmas as much as her husband, and tweeted a special Merry Christmas message to all Americans.