After Meeting with President Trump, China Sends Envoy to North Korea

Earlier in the week, President Trump wrapped up his 13-day, 5-nation tour of Asia, in which he met with leaders from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines.

The trip, which was highly successful, set the stage for an era of new, more prosperous relationships with our Asian allies.

Although much of the focus of the president’s trip was on trade, perhaps his most important accomplishment was the rekindling of the relationship between America and China, which became badly strained under Obama’s administration.

Unlike Obama, President Trump is viewed with respect in China, and is seen as a strong leader, the reception he received from Chinese President Xi Jinping is proof of that, and was clearly taken seriously.

During Trump’s meeting with Jinping, he and the Chinese leader discussed the relationship between our two countries, specifically trade policies, but talks soon shifted to something more serious: North Korea.

President Trump has been vocal in urging China to get involved with efforts to negotiate peace between the United States and North Korea, and almost immediately after his visit, China dispatched a high-ranking envoy to the hermit nation.

China, which has traditionally maintained an alliance with North Korea, has felt a strain in the relationship after the rise of new dictator, Kim Jong-un, and the move is seen by many as an attempt to ease the tension between the two neighboring countries, as well as appeasing the U.S.