Malkin “Islamic Terrorists are Laughing their Evil Asses off at Western Civilization’s Suicidal Insanity”

In wake of the recent radical Islamic terror attack in NYC, this epic rant from conservative commentator Michelle Malkin is as poignant as ever.

It’s a mad, mad world my friends. And I can promise you this Islamic terrorists are laughing their evil asses off at Western civilization’s suicidal insanity. Every time there’s an outbreak of Muslim-perpetrated violence, politically correct bowers and scrapers rush to deny the flabbergastingly obvious. Jihad IS a global mental health epidemic that has spread over 13 centuries. When homicidal warriors for Allah are killng infidels according to the plain directives of the Korean, it is crazy and delusional. Stop the whitewash. Stop the insanity. Jihad denial is suicidal.


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