Maddow Suggests Trump Struck Syria to Distract from a Bad News Day

Putting her conspiracy theory tin foil hat on, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow actually “warned” her audience that President Trump’s airstrikes in Syria could be motivated by a desire to distract from a negative news cycle.

As reported by TheWrap 

Minutes after Donald Trump’s announced U.S. military airstrikes in Syria, Rachel Maddow said on her MSNBC show that no matter how the decision was made, the timing has the appearance of a “wag the dog” situation.

“There are national security consequences to having a presidency that is as chaotic as Mr. Trump’s presidency, that is as consumed by scandal and criminal intrigue as his presidency is,” Maddow said Friday night, referring to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and the FBI raid on Trump attorney Michael Cohen, among other things.

According to Maddow, enemies and allies alike may believe that Trump “issued the order to launch this strike tonight, even in part, because… he wanted to distract from a catastrophic domestic scandal that is blowing up at home at the same time.”

“Even if the tail is not wagging the dog, even if you give the president every benefit of the doubt,” Maddow continued, “even if this decision was taken with absolutely no regard for whatever else is going on in the president’s life right now, what else is going on in the president’s life right now unavoidably creates a real perception around the globe that that may have been part of the motivation.”