Little Girl on a Mission to Show Officer Lives Matter By Hugging Cops in all 50 States

A little girl is on a mission to show her sincere “love and appreciation” for the heroic sacrifices made by our law enforcement officers.

After the Dallas police ambush, Rosalyn Baldwin set out to hug a officer in all 50 states.

What a stark contrast between her positivity and the attitude of disrespectful NFL players like Colin Kaepernick who are waging war against all police officers.

As reported in NBCDFW

A seven-year-old with a big heart made a stop in Dallas Tuesday as she travels the country giving police officers hugs.

Rosalyn Baldwin set out several months ago with one goal, to hug an officer in every state. Texas is 25th on her list and an extra special stop. Her mom says Rosalyn’s mission started after the 2016 Dallas police ambush during a peaceful protest in downtown Dallas.

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“She kept telling me, saying, ‘Momma all these officers have a bad rep. People are talking bad about them,” said Angie Baldwin.

Rosalyn says her goal is to unite communities by showing sincere love and appreciation.