Lisa Page’s Week Keeps Getting Worse

It’s been a rough week for former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, the woman who, along with her cowoker/lover FBI agent Peter Strzok, involved herself in an apparent plot to thwart the election of President Trump, and found herself at the center of a humiliating scandal that has rocked the nation.

After being subpoenaed to testify before the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees, Page refused, prompting President Trump, himself, to call her out via Twitter.

Congressional Republicans were not amused by Page’s defiance, stating that her excuses for her failure to appear were unacceptable, and vowing to take whatever measures necessary to ensure her cooperation.

In fact, US Marshals reportedly were called upon to serve Page at her home with a subpoenas, with Republicans promising to hold her in contempt if she continued refusing to testify.

Even Speaker Paul Ryan, who has faced criticism of his own for being largely silent regarding the Page/Strzok scandal, said that he supported his Republican colleagues holding Page in contempt, stating that “A subpoena to testify before Congress is not optional, it’s mandatory.”

In what may have been the final straw for Page, her lover Peter Strzok was forced to admit to the couple’s affair during his own testimony before Congress on Thursday.

Later on Thursday, reports indicated that Page had apparently relented, and agreed to testify – albeit in a private, closed doors hearing – the following day.