LIMBAUGH: There Is NO Anti-Trump Wave… It’s All Media Manufactured

RUSH: What I’m telling you is that this anti-Trump wave supposedly created by Virginia is a lie. There is no anti-Trump wave right now is what I’m trying to tell you. Let me go through this rapidly again. One year after Trump wins and Hillary loses, when Hillary was expected to win this huge landed and Trump was supposed to be vanquished to some alligator-infested golf course somewhere — after that reversal happened — remember what the Drive-Bys were forced to look at.

They were forced to look at all the Democrat losses preceding Hillary’s, and they are legion. The Democrats had lost over a thousand — actually 1,200 to 1,400 seats — since 2010. In the Senate, the Democrats in 2018 had 25 seats to defend and the media was wringing its hands, and they were worried profusely that the Republicans might actually end up with 60 seats ’cause they were gob smacked. They could not believe what had happened, and they slowly came around to realizing how popular Trump was — and that ticked them off, and so the “resistance” kicked up as an official movement began.

But there was absolutely no upbeat, positive anything. There wasn’t any, “Hang in there, gang. We’re gonna get the House back in ’18 and we’re gonna get the Senate back in ’20 and we’re gonna get the White House back as soon as we can impeach Trump.” Nope. They were talking about how they were going to be consigned to the wilderness for a generation. Yes, they were. They were talking about. They were worried about it. Because they were so shaken. There have been special elections all year, this year, leading up to Virginia yesterday.

And in every instance, the Republican won, after the media had told everybody the Democrats were gonna win, after every one of those special elections was cast or portrayed or promoted as a referendum on Trump. When Trump wins them, when the Republican wins them, of course that explanation is dropped. The narrative that it’s a referendum on Trump is dropped and the excuses are made for how unfair it was for the Democrat here or this or whatever. So one election that the Democrats win in the last 12 months that the nation focused on.

The special elections this year and this Virginia governor’s race. I mean, you know they’re not talking about New Jersey, right? Because that was never gonna be in play for the Republicans. There’s no way. New Jersey, New York, California right now are lost. Whatever happens there, the Democrats winning is not news — and it’s not even anything that they can use to put a feather in their cap. It’s simply what’s expected. But they were worried about Virginia. They were really worried about Virginia.

They were worried that somebody in the Gillespie campaign might figure out what they have to do to win. That didn’t happen. But they were worried about it. So now they’re thinking, “See, this is it! This is the push-back! This is the nation… The nation is now saying they’ve had it with Trump. The nation via the voters of Virginia have finally risen up!” But there’s no data to back this up. This is all media-manufactured narrative — and like all media manufactured narratives, it’s designed to dispirit you.

It’s designed to quiet you down and depress you and hopefully to get you to not care anymore and just stand aside and realize there’s nothing you can do. Even when Trump wins, you still are not gonna win anything. The left, the media, they still run everything. And that’s the purpose of these narratives. And so now we have this gigantic anti-Trump wave, right? Except that we don’t. This anti-Trump wave is a fabricated media lie. I’m gonna tell you this. The closer you get to the Washington Beltway, the closer you get to Washington, D.C., the less you will hear this sentiment.

The closer you get to Washington, the greater the fear there that there is an anti-Trump wave. Republicans who live — conservatives/Republicans who live and work — in Washington, in or surrounded by the establishment, are always affected by it, and they have always been rendered pessimistic. It’d be hard not to be. You’re a guaranteed minority. If you’re Republican/conservative in Washington, you’re a guaranteed minority. Even if they let you into the establishment, your position there is to lose. Your purpose is to stay second tier.


Originally published at DailyRushbo