LIMBAUGH: Al Franken’s Resignation Speech Was ‘Pathetic, Sorrowful, Pitiful’

RUSH: Franken’s speech in the Senate just now was a combination pathetic, sorrowful, pitiful. I think he thought he was Richard Nixon at times. He clearly thinks he’s a martyr. And he clearly has a very, very… Well, he’s deeply hurt personally by what people he thinks loved him have done here. And so he thinks he’s been martyred and he played that card up pretty well. He also drew some analogies.

He said (paraphrased), “It’s quite ironic that on the day I resign, a political party is fully endorsing a man who engaged, whatever, sexually with young girls in Alabama and a president who admitted to grabbing whatever.” Trump never admitted doing that. Trump was describing what powerful entertainers can do if they want to. But to try to parse that is a losing cause because people already think that Trump said that describing his own behavior. So we’ll never know. We’ll never know.

Well, maybe we will. What if the Roy Moore election happens, regardless of the outcome, and what if Franken — and, by the way, he’s entirely capable of this. After September 12th, the Roy Moore election; so forth and so on. If Roy Moore wins, I can see Franken saying, “You know what? You know what? After this, I’m not leaving. I retract my resignation. If the Senate’s gonna seat this clown, there’s no reason I should be quitting here. This is outrageous.” I wouldn’t be surprised whatsoever.

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Source – DailyRushbo