Laura Ingraham Looks Back at President Trump’s Historic Victory One Year Ago

One year ago, the American people did something they haven’t done since the 1980’s, and voted for an “outsider” candidate who had never worked in politics.

The man who resonated with the American people so strongly, who seemed to channel our feeling and thoughts, was billionaire Donald J. Trump, and his supporters knew immediately that he was the last hope for the country we love so dearly.

Laura Ingraham, a Trump supporter from the beginning, said it best, during her new show on Fox News, when she stated, “Happy voters vote for the party in power. Angry voters vote the party in power out. That’s what happened a year ago, tonight.”

That couldn’t be more correct, and as Ingraham accurately pointed out, anger was a large part of the driving force behind Trump’s supporters, who were furious at having watched their culture and country be attacked and destroyed by the left for 8 long years.

However, there was a bigger factor, determination, which motivated Americans from all different backgrounds and walks of life to band together behind Donald Trump, and the determination to save our country brought us together, forging strong bonds along the way.

The election of President Trump was indeed a warning to the establishment politicians who had grown so careless, lazy, and wasteful, and the American people aren’t done, as we continue to “Drain the Swamp” of corruption.

As Americans watched the left embrace radical and militant ideals, run rough-shod over the very fabric of our country, and the “Republican” establishment allow them to do it, they DID become angry.

The anger felt by our country soon turned to determination, and that lead to the election of America’s last hope, President Donald Trump, who is helping us to regain control of our nation.