Ingraham: As Christmas Nears “President Trump is Racking Up Win After Win”

As President Trump’s first year in the White House comes to a close, and the Christmas season is upon us, the country is on the mend, and people everywhere are breaking a sigh of relief.

In just under a single year, our “America First” president has achieved some remarkable successes and made some incredible milestones, and with his many accomplishments, it’s looking to be a very Merry Christmas for the country.

After eight years of Obama’s bleak message and crushing economic policies, the country was in desperate need of a change, and President Trump has delivered on his promises, but he’s only just getting started.

As Laura Ingraham explains in the video below, President Trump wasn’t kidding when he said we would “keep winning and winning,” and his many victories have put our country back on the road to recovery.

“President Trump is racking up win after win,” said Ingraham, adding, “Tax cuts are coming, retail is soaring this Christmas season, the market is way up, and now, a key win at the Supreme Court [Trump’s travel ban victory] and it’s only Monday.”

Indeed, despite the constant doom and gloom (as well as a daily dose of Fake News) from the mainstream media, President Trump has had an amazing week, and an amazing first year as Commander in Chief.

The rest of the world is taking notice of our strong leader, and with the holiday season upon us, patriotic Americans are feeling grateful for the hard work President Trump is doing.