Latest Liberal Stunt to Troll Trump’s U.K. Visit Ruthlessly Mocked on Twitter

On Thursday, President Trump will travel to Britain, marking his first trip to the country since his election victory in 2016, and is set to meet with Prime Minister May and Queen Elizabeth II for a three-day visit.

For the past several weeks, left-wing activist groups have planned protests and demonstrations, including the custom-made, 19-foot “Trump balloon,” which protesters vowed to fly over Parliament on Friday.

Additionally, a liberal social media group has recently launched a campaign to get punk rock band Green Day’s 2004 song, “American Idiot,” to the UK’s Number 1 song for President Trump’s visit.

The group has urged UK citizens to download the 14-year-old song, which was originally written as a protest song against President George Bush, through July 13.

Twitter users mocked the campaign, with Trump supporters in the UK and the US calling the effort “weak” and “embarrassing.”