Katrina Pierson – Tax Reform Stalled By Politicians Trying to Please Their Special Interests Groups

Earlier today, Katrina Pierson spoke with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the expected changes in the Senate Tax Plan.

Maria Bartiromo:

How quickly can this bill move? Once it drops from the Senate, does the house just agree with the changes and does this move quickly through the process?

Katrina Pierson:

Well no i’m not so sure how quickly it’s going to move quite simply this is the swamp, Maria and what were seeing is the swamp creatures going to their legislatures and it’s really causing a lot of havok which is why you see a stark difference in what the Senate is producing compared to what the house is producing. The President wants to cut taxes for the middle class, he wants to simplify the tax code and now were in this whole mess of all the politicians trying to please their special interest groups and that’s one of the reasons President Trump won this election because he wasn’t beholden to any of those lobbyists.