Katrina Pierson Reacts to Trump Securing $250 Billion in Investment Deals with China

President Trump has not been shy about calling out the current one sided trade deals with China, the vast majority which come from the Obama-era.

On his second day in China, President Trump made it clear he’s there to renegotiate the imbalance and signed $250 billion in investment deals between the two countries.

Maria Bartiromo:

Your thoughts on the President’s trip so far. $250 billion in deals. He’s got a number of companies obviously traveling with him.

Katrina Pierson:

Of course and this is what we call “winning” in Trump world, Maria. This is something that the President has stated time and time again throughout the entire campaign and now he is once again keeping his promises and he was right. He’s never claimed that everyone else was at fault for what was happening to our country with regards to the trade deficits  and such and he went over there and said to their faces…this is what’s happening, it can’t happen anymore, it’s not fair, it’s not right, and you know what it’s our fault, our leaders of the past have made very bad trade deals and he’s here to renegotiate.