Katrina Pierson Reacts to Stunning New Poll Showing Bad News for Dems on Midterms

A stunning new Fox News poll shows Republicans have now narrowed the gap in a generic congressional poll from 15 points last October to just 5 points now.

Earlier today, appearing on “Fox and Friends,” Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser Katrina Pierson discusses the implications of this poll and debates Democrat talk show host Jamila Bey.

Katrina Pierson:

The President is going to do anything he can to keep the House and Senate. We know a lot of time when you see this kind of momentum it doesn’t necessarily turn into votes. It’s going to be a case by case basis. A lot of the voters and the base who turned out for Donald Trump are looking at these individuals in office and asking themselves a couple of questions, one of which is did you vote for the Tax Cuts, number one. Number two is ‘are you supporting the President’s agenda?’


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