Katrina Pierson Reacts to Michelle Obama Blaming Female Trump Voters for Hillary’s Defeat

Moments ago on “Risk and Reward,” Katrina Pierson was asked two questions about Michelle Obama and several others on the left blaming “sexism” for Hillary Clinton’s election defeat.

Liz MacDonald:

Was it sexist when women voted for Obama over Hillary in the 2007 primary?  Was it sexism that stopped Hillary from campaigning in Wisconsin or Pennsylvania?

Katrina Pierson:

This is where the confusion comes from. This is why so many people in this country are tired of gender identity politics – because it fails and if you look at barely 50% of Democrat primary voters supported Hillary Clinton. But leave it up to anyone in the left to insult 41% of the female electorate just because they voted for another economic pathway for their future. God forbid, can we just get away from this just for one second?