Katrina Pierson Reacts to Left’s Narrative “If You Didn’t Vote for Hillary, You’re a Sexist”

Speaking with Liz MacDonald on Fox’s “Risk and Reward,” Katrina Pierson discusses the left’s narrative that if you didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, you’re a sexist.

Liz MacDonald:

Nearly half of men voted for Hillary Clinton. Is THAT sexism?

Katrina Pierson:

Well you know it depends on who you’re asking and what excuse you’re looking for and in this case the left likes to point fingers at everyone but themselves when there’s a failure involved. Look, when you didn’t vote for Barack Obama you we’re a racist. If you didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, you’re a sexist or a misogynist and that’s just how this is going along. As we see, the left has still not learned this is backfiring. People are sick of it because they just want a better future for their family.”