Katrina Pierson Reacts to Dems Who Refuse to Give Trump Credit for the Economy

Moments ago on “Making Money,” Trump 2020 Campaign Senior Adviser Katrina Pierson reacted to those on the left who refuse to give President Trump credit for the booming economy that is now undeniable.

Charles Payne:

For a whole year, the skeptics, some push back, some just say hey, even Valerie Jarrett I think said today “well this is still Obama’s economy” and then of course the new tactic appears to be “well it doesn’t get better than this so yeah you had a little bit of a bump but it’s all downhill from now.

Katrina Pierson:

Well, look, I don’t think anyone particularly on the left is going to give this President credit for anything, but I think the numbers speak for themselves and I think one of the most positive things at least for me personally is to see 900 thousand prime age workers re-enter the labor force whereas these individuals had lost hope under the previous administration.


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