Katrina Pierson Reacts to the Failed Predictions of Trump Naysayers After Year One

Moments ago on “Risk and Return,” Katrina Pierson reacted to the failed predictions of Trump Naysayers such as Paul Krugman, who famously stated a Trump presidency would tank the stock market.

In the key benchmarks that matter most to the American people and the U.S. Economy, Pierson explains how President Trump’s first year in office has been nothing short of a remarkable success.

Katrina Pierson:

Well Liz, I think I slept through Armageddon but what I will say is I’m here, your here, the world is still spinning. Look, they got it wrong. I don’t think anyone is surprised they got it wrong.  You have someone who came into office and within one year managed to bulldoze through the resistance, unraveled decades worth of big government policies, socialist policies and brought back optimism and pride to Americans along with jobs and increasing wages.