Katrina Pierson Reacts to Adam Schiff’s Last Ditch Effort to Stop the Memo Release

Moments ago, appearing on “Risk and Return,” Katrina Pierson discussed Adam Schiff’s desperate attempt to stop the release of the FISA memo based on irrelevant non-material changes that were made prior being sent to the White House.

These changes Adam Schiff has been complaining about included grammatical fixes, a change requested by the FBI due to sources and methods concerns and one two-word change requested by Democrats.

Katrina Pierson:

The rules actually state Liz that you can make technical changes for national security protections but materially nothing has changed in this memo. I think it’s really important we go back to the beginning and understand why this memo even exists. This memo only exists because people like Adam Schiff including Hillary Clinton and the DNC and every other Democrat in this town have insisted that there is collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. That is exactly why this investigation exists. Now for months, Adam Schiff has gone onto every network possible that he’s seen evidence. Well, where is that evidence? This memo is actually going to tell the country what is going on.


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